Right before your very eyes…

Right before your very eyes...

After a whole day of rain I awoke to our suburb surrounded in mist

Not so much “Gorillas in the mist”as vehicles in the mist.

The rain added a touch of colour to our garden…not to mention reflective drops.

This Fuchsia  is pretty.

Just about to fall…a rain drop on a Fuchsia bud

More colour…a Clivia.

I found this Morning Glory hiding under an Aloe.

Our garden tap makes a good support for this creeper.

Another Fuchsia…I have been informed we have two species in our garden.

Not sure what this is, but it caught my attention.

An open Hibiscus…

A Hibiscus bud.

Rain drops on an Aloe leaf

This Stink bug kept trying to hid from my lens.

Early morning sunlight through its wings.

Time to try the macro lens. It was after this shot that the bug had had enough an left!

Not a graph of the banking trends last year but in fact a close up of a Gemsbok (Oryx) skull.

More rain drops.

If you look into the droplet really carefully you can see our front door.
The lesson I learned is to keep my camera close as often there is beauty right before our very eyes.