Behind the “behind-the-scenes.” SAFTA,2012

Behind the behind-the-scenes. SAFTA,2012
There are often images that get left out because they do not fit into the ‘theme’ of a Blog…this is their story…

The lighting designer making sure that lights are focused. The old fashioned way BY ACTUALLY BEING ON STAGE!

“The Artist” is not the only black and white production.

To a rigger it is a ladder, to me a photo opportunity…

Microphones waiting in the wings…

Something that the audience NEVER gets to see,the motors that hold the lighting rig in place

Caught in the act! Perhaps I should have been concentrating on the rehearsal? Me in the monitor.

Dancers rehearsing.They looked so different in their costumes on the night.

Best foot forward?

Pointing the way? Not quite.

Giving her all…

The symmetry of the cherry picker.

Different colour makes boring plain MDF come alive.

Another ladder.

Every man in the rehearsal venue went “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUCH”.

Marching to a different drum.

We are ready, are you?

One last lighting check and we can start the rehearsal…