And the winner is…SAFTA 2012

And the winner is...SAFTA 2012
I find it hard to believe that a year has passed and it is time for the 6th Annual South African Film and Television Awards.This year they were held at the above venue.
Most guests only get to comment and complain about the finished product, however a lot of hard work is involved before the production even gets to be seen.Lighting plays a big part in both the venue and on the TV production…

All cranked up and ready to go…

The set starts to take shape.

At least one person is not wearing a hard hat…as it is hanging off this sign!

Lights for the foyer to light the red carpet celebs…

Lighting designer extraordinaire,Hugh Turner surveys his handy-work.

And I complain when the cables behind my PC are in a mess…This will be cleared before showtime.

You can tell when the dancers arrive.

Camera in standby mode.

Taking a time out from behind the directors desk, Clive Morris tries his hand at being a cameraman.Once again Clive Morris Productions  has been tasked with producing the show.

Turns out this dancer is originally from Russia… Она, вместе с остальными танцорами, положить в массу усилий, чтобы убедиться, что их выступление было успех .

Ready to announce “And the winner is…”

Dancers have the enviable ability to nap at a moments notice

Some of the rigging on a Jembe drum.

Dancing their hearts out.

Drummers, together with Bass players seem to march to a different tune.

The creative director, Genna Lewis in a contemplative mood during rehearsals.

Terrence Bridgett,one of South Africa’s best loved performers…and a self acknowledged “media slut”…

I have never understood the point of “point”…hire taller dancers.

Fireworks to open and close the show.A spectacular ending is planned for the production.  Conceived and executed by Sky Blazer technologies
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