We fly your way CFA…


On the drive back to Vilankulo airport the road changed from potholed to paved as we turned from the town toward the airport

It is obvious that whoever built the airport was also responsible for what could be seen as the longest driveway on the African continent.

The airport is spotless with cleaners tackling dirt where none seems to exist

My wife doing what she does best…looking at sparkly trinkets.

Our baggage disappeared via this check-in counter only to be held on the Tarmac as our flight had been delayed.

Could you imagine what would happen if these were put into O.R.T International airport?

Like many African airports I was able to get onto the tarmac to take pictures of the building.

I thought that this was our transport, but it transpired that this Citation was awaiting the passengers that were on board the plane we were waiting for.

The pilots lounge?


Our plane had to first fill up before taking us off to Bazaruto island.

Ours is the only luggage that needed to be loaded…

And we take to the skies once more for the 10 minute trip to Indigo Bay.