Time to take to the skies again…Madikwe with Federal Air

Time to take to the skies again...Madikwe with Federal Air

Once again I find myself at the Federal Air terminal next to O.R.T International airport

The departure lounge is cool and welcoming, even on a hot summer day…and there are free snacks and drinks too.

“My” co-pilot doing pre-flight checks on “my” plan

These Wagtails seemed to be after some of the crumbs from the snacks

and when it came for them to leave, they did not need any pre flight checks or a planned route

How much do you tip a “plane guard”?

‘My’ pilot…

we get to see wildlife even before we take off! This Heron seemed impervious to the traffic around it

Trying out a new filter on my camera…

This elephant was on the side of the Eastern airstrip at Madikwe

as a result of a herd of Zebra on the runway we had to ‘go around’ and land on our second attempt.All very exciting

the arrivals/departures tree at the Western airstrip

a straggler from a bachelor herd of Impala that had to be cleared before take off.

And off the Caravan goes…see you in a few days time…
For more information regarding destinations and flight times, visit: www.fedair.com