Indigo Bay. Island resort and Spa

Indigo Bay. Island resort and Spa
 The resort from the air as we approach their airstrip.

Transport was waiting at the airstrip to transfer us to the property,that took all of three minutes…

First impressions are what count, and IB certainly made an impact on us

With numerous eating and seating areas scattered around the main building, it is easy to see why island destinations are so popular.

There also seem to be almost too many swimming pools considering the Indian Ocean is less than 200m from our deck

Our deck looks out over a small garden…

That includes a hammock should you wish to take a nap during the day.

Our room was comfortable and spacious with a small seating area and a ‘proper’ desk for me to write at.

The bathroom had both a bath and an indoor as well as outdoor shower.

This was the view from the outdoor shower..

The walkway leading to our front door…

The resort should be renamed Walkway Bay as there are more walkways than I have ever experienced in one resort before

The easier option is to walk along the beach…

At the far end of the property is Clube Naval which has a spectacular view of the ocean

And not one, but two swimming pools!

Some of the locals catching their evening meal…

There is fishing gear for hire should you want to try to catch your own meal. Not always recommended as you might go hungry. That is why is is called “fishing” and not “catching”…

Time for a siesta before heading out on the first of a series of activities that have been planned.
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