Game drives in Madikwe game reserve

Game drives in Madikwe game reserve
This Lion seems to be smirking…or perhaps he is thinking about his last meal?

This Lioness was intent on showing us the state of her dentition…and it was awesome

Elephants up close are always spectacular…

This pair of White Rhino disturbed our sundowner stop, not once but twice

This pair of brothers look out for each other
We found the older(twelve years) “snacking” on this wildebeest late the following afternoon

My favourite spot in Madikwe…Vlei Pan. Much like a mini Serengeti and more often than not there is interesting game there.

A pride of young lions sizing up a potential meal…

The chase was not successful…

But it was faster than this baby Leopard Tortoise…one of the ‘Little 5’. The other four are: Buffalo Weaver, Ant Lion,Elephant Shrew and Rhinoceros Beetle.
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