Do you know where you are going to?

Do you know where you are going to?
As a travel writer I have come to rely on a GPS for many of my journeys.I have been using TomTom for several years and I was excited to receive this new model recently
The home screen did look very similar to the GO 920 that I had been using, but it was here that the similarities ended
For the first time I had live information…and traveling as I do, it is most useful to know where the delays are going to be
And it also gives me weather information which is useful when you are driving a convertible…
My last unit did not have the Google feature…
Aside from  “YES” and “NO” there should also be a “F*#K YOU” option. Especially here in Gauteng where they are keen to introduce more road tolls.As an aside, the Jeremy Clarkson voice on this particular screen says “Do you really want to pay a toll for a road that your taxes have already paid for”?
Plenty of voice options
The map screen is comprehensive
Note that The Stig is the silent option
Clear, easy to read maps are comprehensive.I had moved my car in our driveway and the difference was recorded.
Plenty of information on the actual map…
And, if you do run into problems, there are “HELP” options…
You can choose which of the “HELP” options you require.

I spent a couple of hours at Tom Tom South African offices to find out what actually goes into making their devices the best available.
 Suffice to say that I came away with a new respect for a GPS device, how it works and what it can actually offer…
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