And the winner is…the Indigo Bay resort Spa.


Keeping the flags flying, the Spa walked away the winner of the 2011 Professional Beauty award.(Number 1 resort spa in Africa)

The relaxing reception area has a view out over the Indian Ocean

The view from the deck

The Algarve treatment room…good enough for two

The view from the Algarve…we did not want to leave!

The quad that links the treatment rooms

There are pools and ponds to help sooth jangled nerves…

The entrance.

Another vantage point.

Sea or dunes, the choice belongs to the guest…

Waiting for the sun to set…

The entrance in the fast disappearing evening light.

Not quite waiting for Godot…waiting for the sunset.

From the reception area.

The easiest and quickest way to get from the main reception to the Spa…walking is not really an option as it is all up hill

Back on the beach watching the sunset…

And then time for dinner on the deck next to the pool. Forget “Eat, pray love” at Indigo Bay it seems to be “Eat, activity, eat, nap, eat and sleep”. A perfect way to spend a holiday.
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