In the “cute” zone.Young and wild

In the cute zone.Young and wild
I am extremely lucky to spend a lot of time in a variety of game reserves as part of my “job” as a travel writer.
It is great to see adult game species, but to spend time with their young in the “cute” zone is very special

This baby Spotted Eagle Owl  had fallen out of its nest and was being housed in temporary accommodation made out of a crate. Both parents were feeding it and it eventually flew off with them

Lion cubs  tend to do two things. YAWN…

Or just look so darn cute…

A synonym for ‘cute’ is a baby zebra

or perhaps this Springbok has the edge?

Widebeeste calves have a cuteness factor, but you have to look really hard to find it.

A baby giraffe is certainly in the top 5

No so sure about this young pigeon…

A young male Impala

This White Rhinoceros youngster has a huge amount of cuteness

This baby is very special. One of four colour variants that Springbok can produce.

A baby Bushbuck

A female Leopard and her cubs…

This young elephant was trying to figure out who or what I was. Not afraid at all, but perhaps it was because mom was not too far away.My thanks to the following venues for giving me the opportunity to get to spend time in the cute zone: