A walk on the not-so-wild side…Swellendam through my lens.

A walk on the not-so-wild side...Swellendam through my lens.

If you are into pottery then David and Felicity’s studio is well worth a visit. From small works to large pieces, there is something to suit almost everyone’s taste and wallet.

This is probably the best Italian Restaurant we have ever eaten at…neither of us expected fine dining in Swellendam…my wife referred to their tiramisu  as “toe-curlingly good”…

La Sosta is light and airy with simple decor that has clean lines

Truly an enjoyable space

From this kitchen they can serve 16 people which is a full restaurant…

What would an Italian kitchen be without a selection of knives?

This is the home of Rain products…

This gateway is the entrance to the Faerie Sanctuary

A magical and wondrous place…


What is small town SA without a large church?

And how many tourist destinations can boast a stock theft unit in the main street, right next to…

A great place for meals and snacks..

And proper Moer koffie.

Contact details of the places we visited:
1) Bukkenburg Pottery studio and gallery
Telephone: 028 514 1644

2) La Sosta Restaurant.
Telephone: 028 514 1470
La Sosta

Telephone: 028 514 1737

4) “The continent of Sulina” Faerie sanctuary
Telephone: 028 514 1786.
Sulina Blog

5) The Old Gaol on Church Square
Telephone: 028 514 3847
The old gaol