Sightless in Johannesburg…I experience “Dialogue in the Dark”

Sightless in Johannesburg...I experience Dialogue in the Dark

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to be sightless? I don’t mean just close your eyes and pretend type of experience either!

I mean totally deprived of any and all sources of light…Well now you can with this incredible exhibition.

Eventually after being around since 1988, the exhibition has finally come to Johannesburg…and it is something that I believe every sighted person should see…

If the visitors book was any indication of how popular this exhibition actually is then it is no wonder why bookings are essential…

For this to be successful, the exhibition area has been totally blacked out and it is impossible to see even your hand in front of your face! As a sighted person this was a very scary feeling and relying on only touch,smell and taste was a life lesson( and this is something that blind people deal with on a daily basis)

” Dialogue in the Dark” is currently running next door to this which is on at what was the old Turbine Hall…
Booking,which are essential can be made on 011 639 8400 The exhibition runs until October but do not leave it too late as I predict that this will become a ‘must see’ for both schools and adults alike.