“Dialogue in the Dark”…my guides revealed!


Currently the Centre is home to the most wonderful sensory experience I have ever been part of…
How does it work?
Imagine being placed into an environment where you can see absolutely NOTHING!
Hard to imagine? Not for the countless sightless citizens of South Africa who have to deal with this on a daily basis.
I do not want to spoil the exhibition for those who are going to see it, but suffice to say that visitors are placed into a variety of situations that you might experience on a daily basis.
The only ‘help’ that you are given is a cane to assist you in finding your way around the various areas of the exhibition.
But visitors are not alone…

Guides are provided,and surprise,they are blind! They know their way around and are able to guide visitors but using voice commands and sounds.
The fellow in the glasses,Musa, was our guide during the 45 minute tour. Blinded in a hi-jacking 18 years ago he has come to terms with his situation and has turned it into a positive! His openness and expertise when dealing with visitors was a joy to be part of…
The other fellow,Andre, joined us the end of the tour, but how and why will give away too much.
Suffice to say that he has been blind since birth and he gets around by using echo location( much like a bat!)
Having seen him use these “powers” was quite astounding…

My visit to this exhibition taught me what it must be like to be blind.it was a humbling experience as I, together with the family on tour, were able to regain our ‘sight’ once we had left the exhibition area….

For people like Musa and Andre, their lives continue to be lived in darkness…
My thanks to the family who were with me during the tour…I kept bumping into various members and no one seemed to mind…
Booking for the exhibition,which runs until October,can be made on 011-639 8400

Web site: www.dialogueinthedarksa.blogspot.comThe tour is suitable for children age 10 and upwards
A visit to “Dialogue in the Dark” is highly recommended!