A bit of this…and a bit of that!

A bit of this...and a bit of that!

Sitting in front of our wonderful wood burning stove on the last Sunday in July made me rather sleepy.Seeing as it was only 11am, and not time for a nap,i thought I would share a quick Blog with you…

The copper pan on top of the stove was recently given to us by my wife’s aunt…the water in it acts as a humidifier and keeps the air from drying out while the fire burns…sometimes we add Eucalyptus oil, for an added touch.

This season there seems to have been a lack of hard wood available and the wood that I was able to buy seems to burn very quickly.

The stove heats our lounge and dining room far more efficiently than our gas heater did.

We even sent out smoke signals…but no-one came!

The afternoon sun peeking through the Common Ash tree in our garden…

I am uncertain as to the name of the flower, but it formed a pleasing juxtaposition with the Wildebeeste skull in the background

This is our favourite Vietnamese coffee…unfortunately we did not bring enough back with us.If any one is going to Vietnam is prepared to bring us some back, we would be most grateful! If my readers in Vietnam can send me some that would be appreciated!

For the fans of “The Big Lebowsky”…my father-in-law(well known cartoonist Dov Fedler) did this parody for me…the writing, which in true Lebowsky fashion is backwards, reads:
“The Dude abides in all of us,even White Russians who love bowling.In an age where there are few heroes,he rises above the gutters and the strikes in our heart and souls.Be cool and remember,’Nothing is f#@ked here’.Respect beverages”

And just to prove how much I respect The Dude, I was ordained by the Church of the Latter Day Dude. I am not really sure if that actually allows me to do anything, but it is cool…
For more info on the Dude, visit: the dude
More bits and pieces soon…have a great week