Red Bridge Cooking class…I audition for Master chef Australia

Red Bridge Cooking class...I audition for Master chef Australia

It seems that most of the restaurants in Hoi An offer a cooking class of some sort.At some, during meal times you can choose the dishes you would like to eat and then join the chef in the kitchen to prepare them yourself.Cost? The price of the meal plus $2 for the lesson!

The school that we attended was a short boat ride from the fresh produce market in the old city

I even got to drive the boat for a short time…it was probably chugging along at about 2 k.p.h, but it was fun!

This large fishing net is in the river outside the restuarant…that is how fresh the produce is!

The setting was superb…this building is the dining room and it is surrounded by water features and herb gardens

We even had to bring some herbs with us from the market…Paul(holding the bag)is an electrician from Auckland NZ…perhaps I should have asked him for a job:)

This was our chef for the morning…I never did get his name,but he must have a lot of visitors from Oz as he used “bloody hell” quite a lot…he had a great sense of humour and was a really good teacher.

He made every dish seem so easy to make!
But,of course they were not!

This is Caro with her attempt at our first dish…Fresh rice paper rolls of shrimp…

My attempt at the same dish…just getting them to stand up on the plate was difficult enough!

The chef shows us how to prepare a Hoi An pancake…again it looked so easy, until we tried!

My plated version…

This was our main dish…Vietnamese eggplant in claypot…with garlic! Those who know me, will be VERY proud to read that I actually added a small amount of garlic to the dish…and lived to tell the tale!

Our chef concentrates as he makes a tomato skin lotus flower


This is his finished product…the green decoration is made from cucumber skin…

My attempt…

And Caro’s…

We ended the morning with lunch that included not only the eggplant dish, but a seafood salad that the chef had demonstrated for us as well as steamed fish on a bed of fresh vegetables…
We both had a lot of fun and can highly recommend this school for those of you planning to travel to Hoi An,
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PS: Even though we had a wonderful lunch, we found this Italian restaurant in the old city and I had a pizza for supper and it was superb!