Our train adventure…Ha Noi to Lao Cai…and back again :)


This is the train station in Ha Noi…the train that we were to travel on left at 8.30pm and was due to arrive in Lao Cai at around 5am!

And we waited here to board…

The station is certainly a very busy place…

We left from this room to go to the train

The only place that seemed to be empty was this ticketing office which I thought was rahter strange

‘Our’ compartment which we ended up sharing with a honeymoon couple from Barcelona! And believe it or not, we ended up sharing on the return leg as well…

The passage…I certainly found the train to be clean and comfortable…but very hot and noisy!

We were in P1 on the return leg

I spotted this Albino water buffalo on the twisting and rather scary road to Sapa

A view from the bus window…

A river runs at the foot of this road

Scooters, other vehicles and even water buffalo made this ride quite nerve wracking! And certainly one that I would not want to do every day!

But the end of the ride is in sight…

We had dinner here before boarding the train for the trip back to Ha Noi…train leaves at 7.30pm and got us to Ha Noi at 4.30am!

Not sure what these folk were waiting for