Vietnam,a country…not a war! A guide to our guides…

Vietnam,a country...not a war! A guide to our guides...
May, our wonderful guide in Sapa

Welcome to our guide to our guides…

For the first few cities that we visited we had our own guide…a must in order not to get ripped off by the many street operators that will offer to show you the sights, at a price.
All our guides were organized via Vietnam Trip Advisor and they turned out to be excellent and very knowledgeable about the places that they took us to.

Saigon: Our adventure started with our first guide Toan. He showed us the city as well as both sides of the conflict that took place in Vietnam in the 60’s and 70’s.The Vietnamese refer to it as the American War, while the Western world calls it the Vietnam war…visit and make up your own mind. One of(the many) highlights he showed us was the Mekong Delta.

Nha Trang: Mr.Max Tue:

Hoi An-Danang-Hue:  Mr. (Nguyen Nhu) Anh



Sapa:We were taken to Cat Cat Village as well the waterfall and to Ta Phin by the wonderful and smiling May! Although 4 months pregnant(at the time of our visit) she climbed into and out of valleys with us. Many thanks for being such a wonderful guide May.
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Our guide is on the right 🙂

Hanoi: Our guide in this bustling city was Duc who showed us as many of the sights and sounds that he could.We certainly enjoyed the Art Museum and will definitely return to spend more time in Ha Noi.
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Ladies and gentlemen, please allow me to introduce the magician who arranged our entire tour!
This is the wonderful(and patient) Tran Thuy at Vietnam Trip advisor
We can highly recommend the company and Tran, who put together our package and made sure that everything ran like clockwork. Our guides(which she organized) were superb, knowledgeable and spoke better English than I could speak Vietnamese! All in all, it was as a direct result of dealing with Tran and the company she represents that made our adventure so special…many thanks Tran!