Glenhaven…Cape hospitality at its best!

Glenhaven...Cape hospitality at its best!
Glenhaven...a wonderful B 'n B in Newlands, Cape Town

Seeing that most of my recent travel destinations have been to game lodges, I was looking forward to my stay at Glenhaven  in Cape Town
Nestled in the shadow of “the Mountain” on the non-tourist (Newlands) side of Cape Town, this B ‘n B is certainly worth a visit…
To me a B ’n B needs to offer me just bed and breakfast and owner Sue Joustra  does exactly that.
Although she can and will supply you your most important meal of the day, with so many food shops close by, self-catering is definitely an option.



My room, at the top of a steep staircase, was much bigger than I expected. Aside from the large comfortable bed there was also a well-equipped kitchen, seating area and ‘dining room’

The bathroom was hidden behind a set of swing doors and had a shower, toilet and basin…should it then be called a shower room?

A nice touch was the range of male and female grooming products on offer…certainly set this property apart from the usual soap and shampoo that come standard with most hotel rooms.

The bamboo encased roof did make me feel like Robinson Crusoe, but it also made the room ‘different’ and that is what I look for in accommodation of this nature.
As far as the pillows are concerned, suffice to say that my  “best pillow” award is still up for grabs! But with a variety on offer, they did come close!
There is a ceiling fan as well as an air-conditioner, although because of the rather cold and wet weather during my stay, I needed neither.
What I did avail myself of was the wall heater which kept the room toasty warm!
Although parking was crowded, I was able to squeeze my tiny rental Picanta into a corner without too much trouble.

A big plus for me was the fact that light switches that could be confusing were labeled…not that difficult to do, but ignored by most establishments.
I remember staying at a Cape Town hotel where I had to call the duty manager to explain switches to me and even he could not identify all of them!
The property is close to Cavendish Square, Newlands rugby and cricket grounds as well as Main Road, which offers a variety of shopping and food options
Although my room did not have a view of the mountain, step outdoors and the mountain looms large.

My stay at this comfortable and affordable establishment was a delight and I would recommend it to those traveling to Cape Town who are tired of the large impersonal ‘tourist’ hotels

My only complaint is that I forgot to enquire about Wi-Fi connectivity…I thought that there was none, but there was! Perhaps a permanent note in each room would have resolved this.

Contact details:
Phone: 021 683 1706
Mobile: 084 809 6740