I ink therefore I am…I return to the Golden Tiki Tattoo parlour.

I ink therefore I am...I return to the Golden Tiki Tattoo parlour.
My newly completed tattoo...Thank you Ryan

Once again I was back in tattoo territory…
The problem, for me, is that this particular tattoo parlour is within walking distance of my house and that makes a visit there too easy.
Aside from great coffee and awesome burgers, Ryan has set off my “need” for ink!
Thank goodness for an understanding wife…although I am not so sure about her parents and I know that there will be trouble when I eventually show the new ink to my Mom who lives in KZN…but that aside I am certainly enjoying spending time at GTP and learning about why people have tattoos and more importantly what constitutes a good tattoo artist.

After this piece was completed( it took 3 sessions of about an hour each) I knew that I would return for more work…this piece has been admired by all those who have seen it.

To the existing turtle and Chinese tattoo I added the line”Leap and the net will appear” my favourite line from a book called “The artists way” by Julia Cameron. I chose to do the line in Sanskrit as I liked the way that it finished off this work.

But that was not all…

Biting the bullet I returned for a wrist tattoo…probably the one that has hurt the most of all the work I have had done to date.

Again Sanskrit as the language of choice…and this time the word was “GRATITUDE”. And I do have a lot to be grateful for!

My smile returned once it was all over…and will I be back again? HELL YES!

For more about the Golden Tiki Tattoo parlour visit: http://goldentikitattoo.blogspot.com