Hotel Cardoso…our last day in Maputo

Hotel Cardoso...our last day in Maputo
Feels like a cruise ship!

We spent our last night in Maputo at the Hotel Cardoso. This hotel probably has one of the best views of Mapuot Bay as well as much of the downtown area of the city. It is also one of the easiest hotels to spot from the opposite shore as the brilliant white of the hotel is in stark contrast to the buildings that surround it.


Because of the way it has been built, the interior and exterior of the building remind me of a very elegant cruise liner (several of the guests I chatted to felt the same way)…now if only we could sail it  back to South Africa!


These rather quirky “art deco” signs for the public toilets caught my attention. Especially the one for the womens loo as  it seemed to have real ‘ATTITUDE’

Our room was functional but comfortable. What made it extra special was the view from our balcony


If the day view was great the night views were spectacular!


We decided to eat our dinner indoors as the mosquitoes were ready to make a meal of us…and I don’t  feel that the smell of citronella oil is one that I wanted to endure during dinner.

Between my wife and I we certainly did justice to a wonderful buffet style dinner that was made even more enjoyable by the very friendly staff.


Once again it was the view that kept us sitting at out table long after we had actually finished dinner.

And we were one of the only couples eating…the large number of conference delegates we had seen at lunch we probably only going to eat after 9 as this seems to be the norm in Maputo.
It was early to bed for us as I have learned that my wife likes to fill every minute in a “new” town doing something.

In this case it was a walk around the neighbourhood and a passing visit to the National Museum that is directly opposite the hotel.

The hotel seems to be more suited to groups and conferences but its proximity to the city centre and many of the nearby historic buildings is a big plus.
The Cardoso has recently been refurbished and the staff are very helpful.


If you don’t feel like walking you can hire a “tuk-tuk” at the reception desk and the driver will gladly do a tour of the city for you.

If you are in Maputo on business(or pleasure) I can recommend the Hotel Cardoso for its location and service


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