Alterations and additions…Heia Safari Ranch enters a new era

Alterations and additions...Heia Safari Ranch enters a new era

For those of you who have not visited Heia in a while, it is time for a visit as there have been some major changes at the property!
The first change you will notice is the revamped entrance.The gate house has been altered and a second gate installed, making sure that there is no waiting to get in or out.
A water feature has also been added making sure that you are in a relaxed mood when you get to the main reception area!

Please be aware that speed bumps have been placed along the existing road as there have been instances of speeding guests coming up close and personal with some of the wildlife, something we  try to avoid at Heia(unless you are taking photographs)

Many of the bungalows have been re-painted in terracotta, which allows them to blend better into the indigenous bushveld surroundings.



The biggest change is along the banks of Lake Heritage…the Dam(n) Bar is a new addition along the wall of the dam.There are also change rooms and toilet facilities currently reaching completion behind the wall.
The fence that used to close off the walk to the “mini Vic Falls” has been removed and guests can now get to the back of the dam wall to see how spectacular this construction actually is.

The area directly in front of the dam wall has been grassed and a fire pit added…making this a great area for team building exercises as well as sun downers on a balmy evening.



The water frontage has been cleared and guests are now able to walk along this previously inaccessible part of the property.

For the energetic, a “Vlok and Fordyce” running trail is laid out through the property and some of the climbs it includes can be testing…especially after one of Heia’s famous meals!

The property continues to evolve and as it enters a new decade there are many new projects that the management team will be tackling to make the property more “green” friendly and more importantly, self sustaining.

If you were a regular visitor, but have not been for a while, now is a great time to return.
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