Herbert, our new travelling companion

Herbert, our new travelling companion
checking out our garden
This is Herbert…he will be joining us on our various travel adventures from now on.
The practice of taking gnomes traveling is called “gnoming” and was started in Britain in the mid ’80’s.
Herbert with some of his new found friends in our garden
In France the notorious “Front de Liberation des Nains de Jardins” have been responsible for trying to return garden gnomes to “the wild”.
 I have it on good authority that garden gnomes are urban born and do not survive in “the wild.”
Some pranksters have kidnapped garden gnomes and taken them on extended vacations.
 To add insult to injury they have sent the ‘owners’ photographs from a variety of  tourist destinations.
These gnomes are often returned to their original gardens once the trip is over.
Here he is, preparing for his first trip with us to the Buddhist Retreat Centre near Ixopo in KZN.
We hope he will take the weekend to mentally prepare himself for the exciting year of travel that lies ahead!
He will also be visiting many game lodges and to prepare for that he has spent some time checking our various animal skulls in our garden!
     I am not sure if the giant Dragonfly is his preferred method of travel!
                      We welcome Herbert and trust that he will spent many happy km’s with us…
Recently, Pieter Dirk Uys was a guest on my Radio Today show.
The only reason I look serious, is that Pieter had compared us to garden gnomes!
Listen to the show and what Pieter had to say about rail travel:


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