CarolynF…Potter extraordinaire!

CarolynF...Potter extraordinaire!

At this time of the  year our thoughts often turn to gifts for those we care about.
I am not talking about the mass produced plastic cr*p that you are often given by well meaning friends or family, I am talking about REAL gifts that have been thought about and sourced carefully.
Being a converted cat lover, I am always on the look out for quirky “cat gifts” for those friends and family who find themselves smitten by our felines
I have discovered a really great potter here in Johannesburg whose cats are not only quirky, but handmade and unique.

Her style is eclectic and her pottery cats are made to fill a specific gift request.
Whether you need a birthday present or you want something individual for a special event, CarolynF will be able to make you a cat that will not only suit the occasion, but will certainly become a collectors item in years to come.
For some years now she has been doing one-off handmade plates and other useful items but it was when she recently turned her hand to cats that her true talent came to the fore.
Using a variety of different colours and styles she seems to infuse her creations with the love she has for her own cats…although she does not use them as models for her items, merely using their characteristics as inspiration for her products.
Cat lovers will immediately be able to identify with the expressions on these faces

Special messages can be inscribed onto the finished product to make the gift really personal.

As each cat is handmade, there is a lead time for orders…so get yours in NOW! As the cats are made to order you will not be able to find these cats in gift shops or for sale online.They are really one-of-a-kind and like me, you will enjoy having one for your collection.
To find out more, contact the artist on

BREAKING NEWS!!! CarolynF has extended her exclusive pottery range to include hand made plates and bowls.