Spa Junkie


I have to admit to being a bit of a Spa junkie. When I was recently offered the opportunity to try out the Arabella Western Cape Hotel & Spa in Kleinmond and the Arabella Quays spa at the Westin Grand in Cape Town, my only question was “What time should I be there?”
The spa at Kleinmond must have one of the best views in the country, being situated on one of the finest golf courses in South Africa.
The signature African Rain Forest Experience at this Arabella Spa has to be the most spectacular treatment I have ever had.
Most treatments take between 60-90 minutes. This treatment took an astounding 130 minutes and every one was well spent.
This 15-step treatment focuses on water and heat. Therapeutic showers, scrubs, steam treatments, all interspersed with various forms of relaxation therapy, make this treatment very special. My therapist was very capable and her knowledge and use local products, which are used to stimulate all senses, enhanced my treatment experience.
One of the highlights for me was the Rainforest Shower. My therapist did warn me that the water would be cold, but the initial ‘shock’ had me screaming out loud. As had the guests before and after me!
Oh, and don’t forget about 20mins of relaxation time at the end, just before the tea ceremony
The Spa combines modern and traditional Far Eastern and Western therapies that left me feeling like I had been reborn!
These five-star facilities and their dedicated staff made me feel very special. Perhaps next time I will have the time to try out the heated indoor hydro pools and fitness centres!
Then it was on to experience Jet Lag Therapy and a fitness assessment at the sister Spa at the Westin Grand in Cape Town.
I know that I am currently unfit, too much travel and to little exercise, have left me in no doubt of that. But just how unfit was brought home by the assessment I did with Osmond. I will gloss over the BMI and the % body fat that I have. I will also not reveal how many sit-ups I was unable to do!
This signature treatment started off with a traditional Cape ritual… a combination of sounds to stimulate the senses! Listening to the tranquil sound of falling rain and song birds while I experienced a warming foot bath was enough to relax me into a state bordering on sleep.
What was to follow can only be described as pure bliss. My therapist, Angela, was unable to tell me who devised this treatment, but I believe that they should be considered for a Nobel Peace Prize.
The treatment consisted of a head and scalp massage followed by a self heating marine mud treatment for my neck back and shoulders and feet. I thought I was relaxed before the treatment, but this superb treatment has changed my definition of the word “relaxed” totally.
The treatment ended with an energising massage that ironed out the kinks and left me ready to face meetings that I had to attend later.
With the Westin Grand being situated next to the CTICC, every conference delegate should have one of these treatments before attending work sessions. Not only will they be more productive, but also the atmosphere will be a LOT more relaxed

Contact details:
Kleinmond: Arabella Spa at the Arabella Western Cape Hotel & Spa
Tel: 028 284 0000
Cape Town: Arabella Spa at The Westin Grand Cape Town
Tel: 021 412 9999