Soulstice day spa


If you are living in the “rat race” that is Johannesburg then taking time out to realign body, spirit and mind is often the last resort of the tired and jaded. Not wanting to become one of the burned out masses, I decided to pamper my wife and I with a trip to Soulstice Day Spa.
I certainly would not have associated the peace and quiet of a day spa that is in such close proximity to a casino, but that is exactly what Soulstice offers. And in a strange way I can see the need to de-stress whether you have won or lost. Or, if like us you just wanted to relax and be spoiled!
My wife and I have been to many spas and we both admitted that this was different to any place we had been before.
Lots of water features and very modern open plan general seating areas compliment the professional feel of the Spa.
If you time your visit correctly you have a front row seat to watch the ‘Fountain Spectacular’ (the largest water feature in the Southern Hemisphere and the second largest in the world) that the Casino is world famous for.
But we were not here for that, we wanted to be PAMPERED, and we were…
Soulstice has some treatments that are an absolute must.
Firstly, try the Calm Waters H2O Floatation Therapy and you will be amazed to find that one hour surrounded by Amethyst crystals and lulled by underwater music, will feel like you have had four hours of sleep.
Follow this, like we did, with a treatment in the Amethyst Rasul Chamber.
This treatment is certainly different to any that either of us had ever had before!
After we were both coated in medicinal exfoliating earth mud, steam was used to detox the body and open the pores. But the best part of the experience is the rain shower at the end of the treatment that washes off the mud. This treatment room holds up to five people.
There are saunas in the change rooms that can be used either before or after your treatments as well as both indoor and outdoor pools to cool off in.
We ended our trip with one of Soulstice’s signature massages that left us both relaxed and ready to face our drive home.
But that was not the end of the pampering…after the massage we were given a plate of fresh fruit and fruit juice to enjoy in the private garden that was attached to our treatment room.
As a final treat, we showered in the best outdoor shower ever. It had more jets and nozzles than the entire SA Airforce!
A day spa should offer tranquility, peace and relaxation and Soulstice certainly embodies all of those and the staff is knowledgeable and will help you to obtain the maximum benefit from both the time you have available and the treatments that will best suit you needs. (We certainly came away feeling VERY relaxed and revitalized)

Aside from the facility at the Silverstar Casino, there are also branches at Fourways, Emperors Palace and the Michelangelo Hotel

Contact details for Soulstice day spa at Silverstar Casino
Tel: 011 662 7500
Fax: 011 662 2571