Rosendal Winery and Wellness Retreat


Never having been to this area before I was rather excited to see what Robertson had to offer, aside from SPECTACULAR mountain scenery.
This small town is situated about a 2 hour drive from Cape Town, and almost like traveling back though time.
The town itself is well known for its wine production, but that was not where my daughter and I were headed.
Our destination was the Rosendal Winery and Wellness Retreat which was described as “an oasis for those tired of the city and the hectic, unfocussed lives that we tend to lead”.
As the drive from Cape Town took us longer than expected we arrived after lunch however the kitchen was still able to conjure up a meal before we were shown to our rooms. I tried the bobotie spring rolls which were delicious and different. The Spa had been told that my daughter is vegetarian, and they had perpared a special lunch for her.(They also made sure that she had Soya milk for breakfast) Our Spa Suites accommodation was spacious and comfortable with a view of the pool and the vineyard below. The best feature was the open bath surrounded by silk curtains!
Aside from the Spa suites there is also Farm room and family room accommodation available on the property.
But certainly the highlight of the visit (aside from the food) was the Spa treatment that I had.
Usually massage treatments leave me feeling greasy and wanting to shower as soon as possible, but not with their products which are made from wine grapes, enriched with antioxidants.
I was so relaxed that I kept dozing off and I had to apologise to the therapist afterwards for snoring.
After our treatments my daughter and I took a walk though the vineyard where the grapes grown are for the guests and not for wine making.
The treatments and the walk in the fresh air certainly worked up an appetite and dinner seemed to be calling to us both.
The resident chefs, Ilse and Jeff Van Nuffelin, came to our table to explain to my daughter what they had prepared for her.
Being a carnivore myself, the choice for me was Karoo lamb chops which were delicious.
What my daughter had to say:
“A winery and a spa retreat – almost seems like an oxymoron. However this curious blend makes sense once you are there (they even use a pinotage as part of a spa treatment.) Set in its little picturesque mountain surrounding, Rosendale feels like you have set foot in a different time, where you can magically wave goodbye to your cares and concerns.
From lounging by the pool area to wondering about their vineyard (specifically for the clients and not their wine manufacturing) and sampling the grapes.
A Belgian couple were our chefs – and they really conjured up magically delights, such as bobotie springrolls and beetroot stained ravioli. Being a vegetarian I would have liked more options from the menu – but I forget that I am still a dietary minority. The rooms were very spacious, with attention to details such as fresh picked roses from their gardens.
The spa treatment itself was a heavenly experience, with my masseuse possessing hands of the gods (or what I imagine the gods to have hands like: firm yet delicate and gentle.) Any concerns that might have been residing in the body – just seeped out. Just 2 hours outside of Cape Town – it’s absolutely worth it”!
After a healthy breakfast we decided to walk to a local olive farm, which was unfortunately closed. However the scenery was breathtaking and the couple of hours we spent together was very special.
There are wine tours in the area for those who are interested but a long walk in the fresh air is a great way to clear the “city cobwebs”
We both highly recommend this retreat to refresh your tired bodies and revitalise your jaded mind.

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